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obergurgl glacier writing assignment 1

obergurgl glacier writing assignment 1 - Kayla Murphy EES...

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Kayla Murphy EES 1000 7.18.11 Obergurgl Glacier Field Trip On our class field trip to the Obergurgl Glacier, one of the things that I noticed in particular was the hundreds of varying shades all of the rocks had. As we learned in Geology lab, I was able to identify a few key characteristics in some rocks to identify what they were made out of. For example, I was able to identify mica, quartz and garnets. I also saw evidence of glacial retreat. Glacial retreat is usually considered a very strong indicator of global warming or of a marked temperature increase over a long period of time. When glacial retreat occurs, the ice at the edge of the glacier melts and does not refreeze. This decreases the size of the glacier, and makes it appear as if it was retreating since it does not extend as far down the mountain. The evidence I saw was related mainly to erosion. At the river edges, I saw many rocks that looked rounded and smooth a few feet into the water, but closer to the edge I observed more rocks that seemed to be slightly more jagged. This indicated to me that the rocks closer to the
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