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Kayla Murphy Ötzi the Iceman paper Field trip Ötzi the Iceman is a preserved mummy that dates back to the Neolithic period or the New Stone Age. He was found in the Alps between Austria and Italy. He is roughly 5000 years old. He weighed about 50-55 kilograms and stood 160 centimeters tall. His stomach contents revealed a diet of einkorn bread, which has very high levels of protein. He carried tools such as a flint knife, a bow, arrows with heads of flint, a quiver, and a copper ax head. The copper ax head alone was very significant in its discovery because previously it was thought that the copper age did not start until 1000 years later. Once Ötzi was accurately dated, it was discovered that the beginning of that age could be pushed back 1000 years. Having a copper ax head meant that Ötzi was likely a highly important or wealthy person, because the materials were very difficult to come by and
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