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Kayla Murphy Anthropology 1010 Journal week 2 9.7.11 On Saturday I went on a misguided journey to find the train station. I ended up getting very lost and never made it to the train station. However, my misadventure did allow me to explore the more residential side of Innsbruck. I was unaware how much there is to the city that I had never seen before. I saw some houses with truly beautiful architecture. It was amazing to see; houses in the United States lack the same history and architectural detail that is present in many of the houses here. I also found it very interesting to see the combination of antiquated and modern styles of decoration and architecture. I think the blend is very interesting, and quite beautiful in some instances. While trying to find the train station, I stopped into a small shop to ask for directions. The owner there didn’t speak any English, so instead I had an opportunity to use what little French I know to ask for directions. I don’t know very much French, but it was fun to try and use our lingua franca to communicate. While I still never made it to the train station, it was a great experience. 10.7.11 On Sunday I went on the field trip to Obergurgl Glacier. It was some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. I said the same thing upon arriving in Innsbruck, and was convinced that there would never be any other scenery that rivals the beauty here. However, after arriving in Obergurgl, I was pleased to find that I was mistaken. We hiked for 4-5 hours almost all the way to the glacier. One of the most interesting things I saw was a cave in the side of a mountain that was made entirely of ice. I had never seen anything like it before, and it was amazing to see such a geological phenomenon. 11.7.11 On Monday I went on a walking tour through the Imperial Palace in Old City. It was very interesting to learn about the Habsburg history there. Also, I found it was an excellent time to try to apply some of the things I have learned in my art history class. I think that taking that class allowed me to look at the many portraits with greater interest and understanding. I feel that I noticed significance and skill in details I may have previously overlooked. It was a great experience to be able to apply the knowledge I’ve gained while here and it made me really look forward to the Art History field trip to Munich in a few weeks, as well as my trip to Florence on Thursday. I also finally made it to the train station today! I did not book a ticket because I have not received my eurail pass yet, but I did learn which train I needed to be on and what the rules and regulations were as far as reservations are concerned. 12.7.11 Today I went to the Hofgarten with some Austrian friends after dinner for a drink. It was very crowded, but it gave me a chance to meet some more Austrian students. I was amazed to learn that most of them are already working on the Ph.d. despite only being in their early 20s. It led to a very interesting conversation about how differently the university system works here as
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anthro journal 2 - Kayla Murphy Anthropology 1010 Journal...

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