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Art History 2300 1/11/12 Key Art/Architecture - Form: way object is situated on a 2D surface - Composition: arrangement of forms in space - Material: helps achieve different effects, things used to create the piece - Technique: way an artists uses materials - Perspective: important in painting, attempt to create illusion of 3D on a 2D surface, depth gives perspective as can the placement of objects in back or foreground - Proportion: relationship of sign amongst objects in a scene - Carving: a way of removing material, subtractive method
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Unformatted text preview: -Casting: additive means, used often in bronze sculpture-Freestanding: stands on its own, sculpture in the round-Relief: only looked at from one angle, sculpture is attached to surface; low relief (doesn’t project out much) v. high relief (protrude out very far) Architecture-Plan: birds-eye view of building without roof-Section: different views of buildings Realism or Naturalism v. Idealism-Perfect v. actual...
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