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notes 3 - -One of oldest sculptures-Found in Germany-30,000...

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Art History 2300 1/11/12 Prehistoric Art Periods of Stone Age: - Paleolithic period (c. 2,000,000 BC- 9000 BC) - Mesolithic (c. 9000 BC – 8000 BC) - Neolithic (c. 8000-2300 BC) - Determining the age of artifacts: radiometric dating (carbon dating) - Thermo-luminescence dating - Art as we know it first appeared about 40,000 years ago - Theorized that evolution led to abstract thought around that time - Immigration from E. Africa to Europe - Human with Lion Head:
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Unformatted text preview: -One of oldest sculptures-Found in Germany-30,000 BC-28000 BC-Mammoth ivory-Structure follows curve of tusk would have been dried and split and whittled to shape-Could be a person wearing a mask, possibly a shaman-Animals are the most commonly represented thing in prehistoric art-Venus of Willendorf, Austria-C. 28,000-25,000 BC-Made of limestone-Discovered in 1908-Measures 4.5 inches tall-Suspected fertility object...
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