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Hao Sijia Hao Philosophy 232 – Section 002 Professor Loeb 30 October 2010 Intelligent Design of the Universe The Argument from Design, also known as the Teleological Argument, was formulated in attempts to explain the existence of the universe as we know it. Our universe is orderly. It is complex and intricate, seen in each human mind that has billions of neuron connections; it is massive, spanning billions of light years and continuing to expand every second it grows older; it is full of diversity, Earth alone boasting hundreds of thousands of species of life, not to mention the possibility of other forms of life on different planets light years away. In fact, the universe is so orderly, complex, massive, and diverse that it leads people to believe must have been a supremely intelligent being who created it all; it does not seem likely that such brilliance just happens by chance on its own. William Paley’s watchmaker analogy summarizes the Argument well; it compares a watch that is a mechanical product of human intelligent design to a functional human body, a solar system, the universe, or some other sort of complex entity that are the products of superhuman intelligent design, such as God (Feinberg 34). Thomas Aquinas breaks down the Argument from Design into three basic premises that ultimately come to the conclusion that some sort of intelligent being is probably responsible for creating the universe. The first premise states that the universe as a whole, and/or some of its parts, resembles machines. In the context of Paley’s analogy, this premise is interpreted as – complex entities such as a human body are like a mechanical watch, both operating with rhythms and meet a specific purpose. The premise can be modified to be more plausible. Instead of the entire 1
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Hao universe resembling a machine, only parts of the universe is like a machine; instead of the entire human body being like a watch, only the human eye is like a watch. Adjusting the premise makes it more probable that an intelligent being exists to create parts of the universe in the first place because smaller bits of an entity are more likely to be created by an intelligent designer than the gigantic universe as a whole being entirely the doing of intelligent design. The second premise of the Argument holds that machines are the products of intelligent
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GOD ARE YOU THERE - Hao 1 Sijia Hao Philosophy 232 Section...

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