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Hao 1 Sijia Hao English 125 Professor Short 21 September 2010 A Networking Society In the few years since its conception, Facebook has given social connectivity new meaning. “Wall-posts”, “poking”, and “becoming a fan” have contributed to a new age of communication and self-expression. The phenomenon has quickly spread throughout the industrialized world, linking people in ways that would have been impossible a mere decade ago. Think back to a world before Facebook, before social networking and chat rooms, before email, internet, and even cell phones. To communicate, people were forced to meet face-to-face, a task far more tedious and time-consuming than simply dropping a wall-post. Letters allowed long- distance correspondence but delivery took days, even weeks, when inbox messages send instantly. Even using a crude landline phone proved cumbersome due to low-quality connections and the possibility of the recipient not being home to take the call. Despite being the best-known form of social networking, Facebook is only a small part of an entire growing niche of websites such as blogging, dating sites, and business networks that are replacing traditional means of communication. Many fear that cyber-connectivity encourages isolation and inhibits social development, but the opposite appears to be true; using networking websites actually helps enhance romantic, professional, and fraternal relationships. The usage of dating websites has become an increasingly popular alternative method to search for relationships. People are always on the lookout for love, but anyone who has experienced dating can second that finding the “right” person is no easy feat. The existence of
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Hao 2 Eharmony,, and the whole slew of other sites speaks volumes not only of the desires of Americans, but also of the efficacy and convenience of the websites; if they did not truly work, the business would not be nearly as popular. An online profile that showcases a person’s interests and quirks easily and painlessly displays his personality to the masses; others simply browse through the selection of people anonymously and choose the ones that they like best, all without any personalized interaction. Many hold the view that internet dating is not “serious”, that relationships forged online will not last. On the contrary, studies show that 94 percent of couples who had been talking seriously online meet for more than one date. These relationships lasted for an average of at least seven months, with 18 percent of them lasting over a year. (ScienceDaily) Also, though men are stereotypically viewed as the gender to be less emotionally involved in any given relationship, "we found that men tend to be more committed to the online relationships than women, possibly because the anonymity of writing gives them a chance to express their emotions more readily than in real life.” (ScienceDaily) Dating websites are effective because they give people a chance
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Social Connectivity - Hao 1 Sijia Hao English 125 Professor...

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