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Spectrum of Opinion Workshop - Sijia Hao English 125...

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Sijia Hao English 125 – Section 99 Professor Short 10 November 2010 Essay Revisions – Kevin Kononenko’s Liberal Arts Alright so first of all, I really like your topic because it’s relevant to us as college students. There’re a couple things though that you could do to improve. 1. I think the other side of the spectrum (anti-liberal arts) is lacking; you spend very little time and space developing it relative to your pro-liberal arts stance. It makes the paper feel less-rounded, considering this is a “spectrum of opinions” essay and the entire spectrum is not equally represented. This leads to some other problems, such as bias in your paper (I circled a couple places where wording-bias was evident) and being unclear as to what the counterargument is in the first place. A Broad- spectrum course load is called “Liberal Arts”; what would a specialized track be called? I think it would be beneficial to your paper to specify and qualify that and build upon it. Also, I don’t think this is a huge issue and this is a subjective comment but I feel sorta
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Spectrum of Opinion Workshop - Sijia Hao English 125...

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