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LHC Chart Evaluation - scale does not go high enough...

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Sijia Hao LHC 250 – Section 005 The chart that depicts the growths of Ford, Chrysler, and GM is ineffective for a number of reasons. First of all, the bar graph and the line graph should not have been combined; it makes the whole model much messier and difficult to follow. As a result of the combination of the graphs, the y-axis scales are also confusing. It is unclear whether the “platforms” on the left refers to the line or the bar graph, and vice versa. The bar graph’s scale is spaced too closely together, so it fails to show significant changes between each year. The line graph’s numerical
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Unformatted text preview: scale does not go high enough, resulting in parts of the lines plot off the chart. In Ford’s line graph, something strange happens between years 2002 and 2003; there are two points at each year and the phenomenon is not explained. Also, even if the graphs had been separated, it would have been helpful if Ford, GM, and Chrysler were represented by the same colors in both lines and bars, just to be more consistent. The background color sort of clouds the whole chart and makes it more difficult to discern the individual graphs; maybe a white background would have been cleaner and clearer....
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