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Sijia Hao LHC 250 29 January 2011 Subject: Internship Opportunity Inquiries To the Consul General, Ms. Diane Sovereign, My name is Sijia Hao and I am an undergraduate studying at the University of Michigan in America. I am emailing you inquiring about any internship opportunities your Embassy branch may offer for this coming summer. My majors in school include business at the Ross School of Business and international studies, so I am keen on gaining practical experience with handling the international
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Unformatted text preview: communications and relations that occur in the public affairs sector of an Embassy. Perusing your website to learn more about the sorts of issues you work with further affirmed my interests. Please email me back to let me know whether you have any positions open and, if so, also their application processes. Thank you for your time, Sijia Hao Ross School of Business, BBA 2014 University of Michigan (The Consul General Diane Sovereign is the head of the U.S. Embassy branch in Wuhan, China)...
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