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Chef Position Description - -maintaining a sanitary...

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Sijia Hao Environ 290 – Food 12.04.2011 Position Description: Chef New family-owned restaurant, Worldly Flavors, in downtown Ann Arbor is opening soon. We’re planning to serve dishes with distinct tastes of cuisines around the world but with a local and sustainable focus, to show and educate people that eating sustainably and eating diversely are not mutually-exclusive. We’re looking for a chef with experience and passion for cooking and working with local producers of ingredients. Tasks: -creating memorable dishes for patrons according to menu -working with other chefs to brainstorm new dishes to showcase quality, local ingredients -educating patrons and other employees of the value of locally-produced foods, both in terms of taste and sustainability -directing workflow of sous chefs
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Unformatted text preview: -maintaining a sanitary, efficient kitchen-encouraging teamwork and cooperation among staff Skills Desired:-mastery of basic cooking techniques-mastery in at least one culinary style-thorough knowledge of seasonal and local produce-a firm understanding of cuisines and ingredients around the world-a firm understanding of locally-produced foods, and how to best use them-education at a formal culinary institute preferred but not required-previous experience in a restaurant kitchen preferred but not required-versatility and ability to think on your feet-ability to work well with others-openness to learn and expand food and cooking knowledge and share your own Compensation:-starting salary is $30,000 (negotiable)-raises based on quality of performance and seniority...
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