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49424516 Question 1 – 1. Diversity 2. Energy-efficiency 3. Ecological-compatibility 4. Accessibility 5. Self-sufficiency The most important points are diversity and energy efficiency. Diversity is important because a polyculture farm perpetuates good health not only for the land but also for all other actors who participate in the food system. The land benefits from the different plants and animals supporting each other instead of relying on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Once diversity is established, several other principles can be implemented easier as well, such as ecological-compatibility and self-sufficiency. People gain through diversity by having access to a wide variety of nutritious foods that provide not only physical health benefits, but also mental and educational benefits, as they learn about the meaning of “good food” and the necessary methods of obtaining it. Energy-efficiency is also important because, in a world of increasing energy demand and decreasing energy supply, it is vital that a food system is sufficient with sustainable amounts of energy consumption. The ratio of energy input to calorie of food output should try to stay affordably low in every step of the process, from production to delivery to consumption. If a food system is not energy-efficient, it does not matter how healthy the land or how nutritious the products, it will eventually become unsustainable as energy costs increase.
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49424516 Question 2 – The consumption of corn has increased throughout the years and will increase in the foreseeable future, even if human populations stay constant, because many other ingredients can be derived from corn, such as HFCS, corn oil, and corn starch. These derivatives have been used increasingly in a whole host of processed foods in ways that people don’t even realize, in order to “add value” to a cheap, raw good. Also, corn-based fuel, such as ethanol, has gained popularity as an alternative fuel source. Much of this is due to government subsidization of corn, which makes corn production cheap. Also, as monoculture crops such as corn take over all aspects of the food system, other crops will become increasingly scarce because they’re
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Food Final Reponses - 49424516 Question 1 1 2 3 4 5...

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