Kroger&WFM - Americans generate approximately 34...

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Americans generate approximately 34 million tons of food waste each year (EPA) KROGER trying to divert food waste from landfills; waste and food scraps from deli and meat departments are picked up by local companies other sectors are composting produce that can no longer be sold. 2010, 42.4 million pounds of fresh meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables were donated to local food banks 33 million meals for local families 2010, manufacturing plants reduced the amount of waste sent ot landfill by 22 million pounds, 30% increase. Partnered with customers and vendors for marketing programs that raised more than $3 million in funds and $1 million in food donations for local food banks One of 2 US retailers that is a “mission partner” of Feeding America Sustainability: stocks wide variety of natural and organic products, no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors. Many grown free of herbicides and pesticides. Only rBST-free milk
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Kroger&WFM - Americans generate approximately 34...

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