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ASIANLAN 125 First Year Japanese Lesson 2: Listening Homework 1 Section ( ) Name:____________________________________ /15 I. Listen to the questions on the tape and answer them based on the information provided below. Name ͨͳ͔ ϒϥ΢ϯ Ϟω ϩ΃ε ϩʔ Nationality Hometown Japanese Kyoto, Japan American New York, U.S. A. French Paris, France Mexican Mexico city, Mexico Taiwanese Taipei, Taiwan University Tokyo University Princeton University University of Michigan Ohio University Taiwan University Status junior teacher graduate student senior freshman Major French Literature History Business Engineering Asian Studies A: Yes/ No questions (10 x 0.5 points = 5 points) Example: You hear: ͨͳ͔͞Μ͸ɺʹ΄Μ͡ΜͰ͔͢ɻ You choose: ͸͍ ̍ʣ͸͍ ͍͍͑ ̎ʣ͸͍ ͍͍͑ ̏ʣ͸͍ ͍͍͑ ̐ʣ͸͍ ͍͍͑ ̑ʣ͸͍ ͍͍͑ ̒ʣ͸͍ ͍͍͑ ̓ʣ͸͍ ͍͍͑ ̔ʣ͸͍ ͍͍͑ ̕ʣ͸͍ ͍͍͑ ̍̌ʣ͸͍ ͍͍͑ B: Open ended questions. (4 x 1 point = 4 points) Example: You hear: ͨͳ͔͞Μ͸ɺͳΜͶΜ͍ͤͰ͔͢ɻ
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This note was uploaded on 01/26/2012 for the course ASIANLAN 125 taught by Professor Endo during the Fall '08 term at University of Michigan.

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