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The Cross-Lavender reference is important to illustrate a conflict. Cross is a lieutenant and is responsible for the soldiers under his flank. However, on the battle field, all he thinks of is Martha – a fantasy that he has created to keep himself hopeful. This obsession partially caused the death of Ted Lavender and Cross finally feels guilty of his lack of responsibility as a lieutenant. Lavender’s death causes a transition in Cross’ mentality and indirectly point out the changes in mentality of the young soldiers in Vietnam. The steel helmets and jungle boots are essential items to increase the survival rate of the soldiers. The letters from Martha that Jimmy Cross carries are also critical to survival of his mental well being. These objects create a
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Unformatted text preview: disillusionment of security and reality, which kept the soldiers sane and hopeful. Although the previous chapter implies that Martha does not love Cross, it is finally revealed in “Love” that she never loved him. The fantasy that Cross had when he was in the war indirectly killed Ted Lavender. In this chapter, we understand why Cross felt so much guilt afterward. The distraction that caused his peer’s death was merely a fragment of his imagination. Before this death, Cross outweighed fantasy to reality and he has become mature after. The title “Love” is ironic because Martha never loved Cross. Cross himself was skeptical of that word as well. Even though he hoped she loves him, he knows that she probably did not....
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