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Thing Things They Carried – Spin, On The Rainy River responses The world in the checker board was visible. The soldiers and people that watch the game knew the terrain and exactly where the enemies were. It reassures the soldiers because they could see everything. However, in the world of the poppa-san, only he knew of the layout and the traps. All the soldiers blindly followed him and took a leap of faith in poppa san because they did not know what was out there. The truth-goose is relative to his emotions. Although the logical thing is to be grateful for being in the hospital and avoiding the war, but that guy say the peace felt too good and decided to go back to the war. Elroy Berdahl was portrayed like an omniscient being. He did not question O’Brien because he already knew. He quietly guided O’Brien, just like poppa-san. However, it was still up to O’Brien to decide his own path. Poppa-san and Berdahl did not explicitly state what the right way is, they show and O’Brien can choose which to
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