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© Copyrighted 1 Objectives 5-1. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of the different process strategies 5-2. Provide examples of the different process strategies 5-3. Define mass customization, including the use of postponement. Provide examples. 5-4. Distinguish between fixed and variable operations costs. Provide examples. 5-5. Calculate and interpret a crossover analysis for process selection 5-6. Relate value stream mapping and service blueprinting to a process flow Process Strategy Process Strategy Flow charts Crossover analysis Process, repetitive, product Mass customization Value stream mapping Service blueprint Fixed vs. variable costs
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© Copyrighted 2 Process Strategy Mass Customization Independent modules low-cost customized assembly Postponement Flexible, responsive supply chain Ex. Ping , Vans Process Strategy Orientation Pro’s Con’s Examples Process (job shop) By activity Flexibility, variety Utilization, cost, job complexity Hospital, bank,
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Mgt%203200%20-%205%20Process%20Strategy%20%28post%29 -...

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