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Multimedia Module No: CM0340 Laboratory Worksheet Week 1: MATLAB Frequency Space Transforms Prof. D. Marshall Some of exercises are revised from CM0268. Some exercises (FT/DCT) are new. You should make sure you are familiar with all the concepts below as these are essential for understanding the forthcoming lectures of Audio Synthesis and the imminent coursework. After working through this worksheet you should be familiar with: The basic theory of frequency space transforms The basic operation of Fourier and Discrete Cosine Transforms in MATLAB. How to display and visualise frequency space in MATLAB How to apply filters in frequency space None of the work here is part of the assessed coursework for this module 1
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MATLAB Frequency Space Transforms 1. fftshift() : Look up MATLAB help fftshift and also doc fftshift . The use of this function is probably one the most confus- ing aspects of understanding Fourier theory and its implementation in MATLAB (infact this type of computation arises in many other FFT implementations also). Most computations of FFT represent the frequency from 0 – N - 1 samples with corresponding frequencies or- dered accordingly. Therefore the 0 frequency is not really the centre . We frequently like to visualise the FFT as the
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lab1 - Multimedia Module No CM0340 Laboratory Worksheet...

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