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CM0340 1 CARDIFF CARDIFF UNIVERSITY EXAMINATION PAPER Academic Year: 2002-2003 Examination Period: Autumn 2002 Examination Paper Number: CM0340 Examination Paper Title: Multimedia Duration: 2 hours Do not turn this page over until instructed to do so by the Senior Invigilator. Structure of Examination Paper: There are four pages. There are four questions in total. There are no appendices. The maximum mark for the examination paper is 100% and the mark obtainable for a question or part of a question is shown in brackets alongside the question. Students to be provided with: The following items of stationery are to be provided: One answer book. Instructions to Students: Answer THREE questions. The use of translation dictionaries between English or Welsh and a foreign language bearing an appropriate departmental stamp is permitted in this examination.
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CM0340 2 1. (a) What is MIDI? [2] (b) How is a basic MIDI message structured? [4] (c) A piece of music that lasts 3 minutes is to be transmitted over a network. The piece of music has 4 constituent instruments: Drums, Bass, Piano and
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