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Abnormal Psychology 1/17/12 Assigned readings: 1. Whitaker- Mad in America 2. 3. Laing- Divided Self a. Ontological insecurity – recurrent vulnerability, a tenuous feeling of self 4. georgeatwood.com – “Cool Essays: Shattered Worlds/Psychotic States” & from Alice Miller 5. Terr- Unchained Memories 6. Foundations of Psychopathology 7. Greenberg- I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
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Unformatted text preview: • On Sakai: “Cool question of the week” in Discussions The phenomenological perspective- what people experience • “What is it like…?” o To be this person (yesterday, a year before, adolescence, birth of their consciousness, future) “People in profound depression have no future. Their future is a wall of blackness.” o...
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