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Abnormal Psychology 1/20/12 Meaning- the place of whatever is being focused on, in the context of the person’s whole world experience “crazy”- something we can not make any sense of; something we can not find meaning in Says something negative about our understanding Not applied in phenomenology; rather tries to find meaning in event Anna’s poem: (*Liang) “It all came down on me” – depicts trauma in her life “so I hid in my special closet” – division of her true self “no one was around to report me missing” – no one realizes the absence of her true self o Acknowledgment of this “dead” feeling helps “I’m searching for my soul in an empty corridor of my mind” – if true self is isolated, it tends to evaporate o Need other people for validation, support, sustainment (Liang- volatilization) “Only can I exist like a dead piece of wood” Reflections of ongoing experiences: Anna (“Hit me”); woman going through divorce (wearing
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Unformatted text preview: many sets of clothes, mute); anorexic woman; woman cutting herself Anorexia nervosa- pattern of behavior characterized by excessive dieting, restricting intake of nourishing food; regard fat as hideously ugly; unreachable ideal Typical setting in which pattern materializes: child has complied with parental guidelines as to who he/she should be Starvation involves rebellion to this compliance, and feeling that person has control of self Ex: 30 year old girl, perfect little girl until about 13 years old when starvation started o Would revert back to starving herself after parents visited o After making progress and thanking doctors for help, starved herself again after visit from parents Down to about 80 pounds, died after becoming dehydrated from flu...
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