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Abnormal Psych 1/24/12 Theoretical assumptions made by classical behaviorism Behaviorism- commitment to positivist, scientific vision of psychology; restricts field to what can be physically seen o Rules out realms of conscious experience, subjectivity o Does not allow for phenomenology Cognitive behavioral therapy- set of psychotherapeutic techniques aimed at modifying people’s cognitions o Tries to extend practice of behavioral therapy to ways of thinking/the mind o Ex: Michael Mahoney using “rubber band therapy” with patient, who is upset by occurrence of “filthy thoughts” about women Mahoney commits suicide shortly after his 60 th birthday; why? *Bob Newhart: “Stop It Therapy” Freudian psychoanalysis- emphasis on what is missing from consciousness
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Unformatted text preview: o Repression, as opposed to what is present o Dream interpretation tries to uncover what is being hidden/disguised Vs. phenomenology: What about the pattern in which this person thinks about himself? What makes this repression necessary? o Ex: “The Wolf Man” – named because of a recurrent nightmare that continued throughout childhood, and through working with Freud Dream: always a child, alone in his bedroom, facing a window. Window shade rolls up, outside sees a winter scene, leafless tree 20 or 30 feet away. White wolves are sitting on branches staring at child. Always wakes up from dream in terror; fear of being in danger/annihilated...
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