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assignment 1 gloria anzaldua

assignment 1 gloria anzaldua - Eduardo Solis Assignment 1...

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Eduardo Solis Assignment 1, Section: Friday 9:00-9:50am The question of Identity In Borderlands La Frontera , Gloria Anzaldua searches for her and the Chicano identity. Anzaldua has a distinct style of writing that consists of long run on sentences divided with commas. The book is divided with smaller subjections that make up small paragraphs that clearly explain her topics of identity. She successfully uses Aztec gods, concepts of the “other”, questions social constructs that her culture(s) and the Christian Church have constructed, and she searches for a “home”. This home or a new mestiza culture where homosexuals, people of different cultures, religion, and race can all go feel at “home”. She clearly elaborates on the woman as the stranger, the other who is weak. Anzaldua is confusing at times by using the supernatural (Aztec gods) but clearly connects these divine gods with that of the unconscious and the unknown, the god in human beings.
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