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Eduardo Solis Assignment 2, Section: Friday 9:00-9:50am Perspectives of the Border In Borders, Pat Mora uses poetry to construct the Mexican immigrant. In this process she embodies the immigrant and uses the border as a constantly changing barrier that influences the identity and development of the immigrant. Mora takes a unique approach in the creation of the immigrant because she does not generalize or speaks for the immigrant. She allows the immigrant to speak for themselves and in doing so, it shows the reader that borders are not just physical barriers but also mental, spiritual, and socially constructed. Nevertheless, Mora has a positive light towards immigrants and gives the immigrants their own voice and their unique “border” that they need to overcome. In contrast, Gloria Anzaldua makes controversial generalizations about how Mexicans or Mexican-American people view themselves. For instance, she describes them as people who are ashamed of who they are and how they look. She also describes Mexican immigrants as extreme
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Unformatted text preview: Catholics and people who abide to patriarchal hierarchies. This approach is dark and depressing and she does not justify her research; this being said she argues the influence of the Catholic Church with her spirituality. Arguing religion with religion is not valid; spirituality cannot be argued because it cannot be debated without facts. Similarly, both of the authors describe the border and the struggles that the borderland people face in their lifetimes. Both of the authors describe the life of Mexican immigrant woman as the main pillar of the family and maintaining the culture. This being said, both of the authors take different approaches to describe the constant struggle of the borderland people but Pat Mora surpasses Gloria Anzaldua because she lets the immigrants speak for themselves and does not generalize and stereotypes the life of the immigrant. Using religion as an argument cannot be a basis of an argument and thats where Anzaldua loses credibility....
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