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Chapter 53 Key Terms Freeman Asymmetric Competition o Batesian Mimicry o A type of mimicry in which a harmless species looks like a species that is poisonous or otherwise harmful to predators. Climax Community o The stable, final stage of an ecological community that develops from ecological succession. Coevolutionary Arms Race o A pattern of evolution in which one species evolves a defense against another species (e.g., a predator or parasite), which then evolves a counterdefense, and so on. Commensal o A species that is dependent on another species but does not harm that species. Commensalism o A symbiotic relationship in which the symbiont benefits but the host is neither helped nor harmed. Community o All the organisms that inhabit a particular area; an assemblage of populations of different species living close enough together for potential interaction. Competition o The effect of two species, or two individuals trying to use the same limited resource. Competitive Exclusion Principle o The concept that when populations of two similar species compete for the same limited resources, one population will use the resources more efficiently and have a reproductive advantage that will eventually lead to the elimination of the other population. Constitutive Defense
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Chapter_53_Key_Terms_Freeman - Chapter 53 Key Terms Freeman...

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