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Page 1/6                         CS 1301 Fall 2009 Exam 1   Your Name: _____________________ I commit to uphold the ideals of honor and integrity by refusing to betray the trust bestowed  upon me as a member of the Georgia Tech community. CS 1301 Exam 1 Answers Fall 2009 Problem Earned Points Possible Points 1. Vocabulary 18 2. Python Expressions 26 3. Fill in the Blank 11 4. Multiple Choice 6 5. Reading Code 5 6. Combinations 5 7. MovieView 6 8. IsEven 5 9. Blastoff 8 10. Count J's 10 Total: 100
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Page 2/6                         CS 1301 Fall 2009 Exam 1   Your Name: _____________________ 1. Vocabulary (18 points) For each of the following words, write a 1-2 sentence definition of the word as used in this class. Your definition should be concise and to the point, while proving you know what the term means. a) evaluate - To calculate the value of an expression. b) iteration - To repeatedly execute a block of code. c) modulus - % operator, that calculates the remainder of an integer division. d) proprioception - on a robot, internal sensing mechanisms. On a human, a sense of the relative positions of different parts of ones own body. e) semantic error - An error that makes a program behave differently than intended by the programmer, but does not actually generate a syntax or runtime error. f) type conversion - Deliberately changing the type of a value, using a function such as int(), str(), or float(). Grading: 3 points if the definition is very good, 2 points if they mostly got the concept, 1 point if they included a few of the right keywords, and zero if they get it completely wrong. 2. Python Expressions (26 points) Act like the python interpreter and evaluate the following expressions. Write what value the expressions  evaluate to as well as its type (integer, float, string, boolean, etc...).
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cs1301-fall09-exam1-answers-1 - Page1/ YourName...

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