cs1301-hw02-conversions-complex(2) - CS 1301 Pair Homework 2

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CS 1301 Pair Homework 2 – Conversions/Complex Functions Due: Friday, September 9 th , before 11:55 PM Out of 100 points Files to submit: 1. hw2.py You will be writing several functions, but they will all be saved in one file: hw2.py. Please save all of the functions in this one file or you will lose points. This is a pair programming assignment! You are expected to work with the person you have been pared with in class, and you are both responsible for submitting the exact same code to T-Square. Follow good pair-programming practices by working together at a single computer and switching the driver/navigator role frequently. Your pair may collaborate with other students in this class. Collaboration means talking through problems, assisting with debugging, explaining a concept, etc. You should not exchange code or write code for other pairs. Collaboration at a reasonable level will not result in substantially similar code. For pair programming assignments, you and your partner should turn in identical assignments. For Help: - TA Helpdesk – Schedule posted on class website. - Email TAs Notes: Don’t forget to include the required comments and collaboration statement (as outlined on the course syllabus). Do not wait until the last minute to do this assignment in case you run into problems. If you find a significant error in the homework assignment, please let a TA know immediately. Part 1 – Conversions (50 pts) Function name: mass (15 pts) Write a function called mass() which takes in a numerical value in ounce and coverts that value into pounds. For reference, there are 0.0625 pounds (yes, that's a real unit!) in an ounce. Please
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cs1301-hw02-conversions-complex(2) - CS 1301 Pair Homework 2

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