cs1301-hw08-robot-movie - CS 1301 Homework 8 Lights,...

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CS 1301 – Homework 8 – Lights, Camera, Robot Action! Due: Wednesday, November 16th, before 11:55 PM EST ( Out of 200 points Files to submit: {filmingCode.py actingCode.py editingCode.py performanceCode.py} movie.avi or movie.wmv or movie.mov project_write-up.txt team_evaluation.txt For Help: -TA Helpdesk – Schedule posted on class website. -Email TAs -Newsgroups Notes: Don’t forget to include the required comments and collaboration statement (as outlined on the course syllabus). Do not wait until the last minute to do this assignment in case you run into problems. • If you find a significant error in the homework assignment, please let a TA know immediately. Lights, Camera, Robot Action! You have the special effects, the robots, and now all you need is the inspiration to compose your short-length robot feature film. The robots will be the actors, the camera, and the stars of the movie. Together, your group will shoot and edit a 30-120 second movie with the robots. This assignment is very open to the director’s choice of genre. Here are a few examples from past years: RoboMovie Pacman(): Try and Except Error! The Scribbling
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Mad Cow Grading This assignment is worth a total of 200pts, so we stress that you do not wait until the last minute to complete this assignment . 100pts of the project will be code-based (i.e. Filming Code, Acting Code, Editing Code, and Performance Code). The other 100pts will be split up into The Film, Project Write-up, and the Team Evaluation. Both the Project Write-up and Team Evaluation should be submitted as .txt files. Every member of the group needs to submit the same code, film, and project write-up. The team evaluation should be different for each member in the group.
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cs1301-hw08-robot-movie - CS 1301 Homework 8 Lights,...

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