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cs1301-hw09-functional-dictionary-1 - CS 1301 Homework 9...

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CS 1301 Homework 9 Homework – Functional Programming and Dictionaries! Due: Wednesday November 30th, before 11:55pm THIS IS AN INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT! You should work individually on this assignment. You may collaborate with other students in this class. Collaboration means talking through problems, assisting with debugging, explaining a concept, etc. Students may only collaborate with fellow students currently taking CS 1301, the TA's and the lecturer. You should not exchange code or write code for others. For individual assignments, each student must turn in a unique program. Your submission must not be substantially similar to another student's submission. Collaboration at a reasonable level will not result in substantially similar code. Scored out of 100 points Files to Submit: hw9.py (make sure to complete all 4 parts!) If you need help, we have several resources to assist you successfully complete this assignment: - The TA Helpdesk – Schedule posted on class website. - Email the TA's - Jay's office hours Notes: • Don’t forget to include the required comments and collaboration statement (as outlined on the course syllabus). • Do not wait until the last minute to do this assignment in case you run into problems. • If you find a significant error in the homework assignment, please let a TA know immediately.
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Part 1 – Averaging Robot Light Values For the second part of the homework, you will be writing a function to compute an average of the robot light values for a certain period of time. Your function should be named avgLightValues and should take in an integer parameter, representing the number of seconds that the following procedure will run (you will need to use timeRemaining). For the time specified by the given parameter, you must repeatedly perform the following task Get the light value Move the robot forward for 1 second at a random (between 0 and 1, exclusive) speed.
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