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CS 1315 Homework 2 Due: Friday, 4 July 2009 before 8 p.m. File to submit: hw2.py And yes, we do mean literally that filename. Lowercase letters and all. Also each function must be named exactly as specified – again with upper and lowercase correct and all. Be exact! Turn in the correct file; It matters! JES generates many files. Make sure you really submit the hw2.py file and not mistakenly the hw2.pylog or hw2.bak file. This is your responsibility. Pay attention to the file you upload, the name T‐Square shows as the name of the file you have uploaded, and the file the email confirmation says you have uploaded to T‐Square. Do not turn in a Word document, but literally the file that is created by JES. We will grade only the file you submit to T‐Square. Safe Submission: 1. You will receive a confirmation email from T‐Square saying which files you submitted. If you do not receive that email, then trust that your submission did not work. 2. Read that email! Double check the filename(s) submitted. 3. Also, go back to the assignments page on T‐Square and double check what you have turned in. Download a copy of it from T‐Square and verify that it is exactly what you intended to submit. Turning in the correct file and validating that you have done that correctly is solely your responsibility. Seriously. It is solely your responsibility. Correct submission is something you are required to do. It is your job to verify it. 4. You can submit your file multiple times on T‐Square until the cut‐off time. We will grade the last one you submit. Collaboration policy: Do your own work. You are allowed to discuss your homework with other people, but you are not allowed to share files nor copy each other's code. Rule: Never give or take code from another student. Period.
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This note was uploaded on 01/26/2012 for the course CS 1315 taught by Professor Sweat during the Fall '08 term at Georgia Tech.

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cs1315_homework2_fall2009 - CS1315 Homework2...

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