Hybrid Government

Hybrid Government - Julia Akselrud Lara Grossmith Period 2...

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Julia Akselrud Lara Grossmith Period 2 Hybrid Government Part A: Type of Government For our hybrid government between the six countries we have studied, we have decided to create an authoritarian, unitary, democracy. The government will be authoritarian in that the supreme leader, who is born into his position, will be the most influential figure in the government and will possess exclusive power (Iran). The unitary aspect of government is seen in the central government’s great authority over the state and local governments (Great Britain). Democracy still runs strong throughout this government, however, because although the supreme leader is born into power, citizens still maintain the power to elect the president (Iran). Part B: Political Institutions 1. Executive Branch: a. Supreme leader- head of the executive branch, followed by president, who has less power, and the cabinet, who advises the president. b. Supreme leader President Cabinet Members c. Supreme leader: has the power to nominate potential candidates within the executive branch such as the president, and possesses the power to veto any presidential decisions (Iran). President: responsible for maintaining order within the executive branch- appointing cabinet members and ambassadors, controlling the national budget, upholding relationships between other countries, and is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forced (Mexico).
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Hybrid Government - Julia Akselrud Lara Grossmith Period 2...

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