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Julia Akselrud Recount Rating: 4 stars Synopsis: The film recount depicts the events that occurred after the 2000 election and the controversial recounts that followed in Florida. After the results of the election were reported on news stations, Michael Whouley found a discrepancy in the numbers in Florida that were generated by a computer, which caused thousands of votes to be discarded. This discovery caused Gored to retract his concession to Bush by telephone. Ron Klain, from the Gore campaign, was responsible for a great amount of the effort that went into producing a hand recount. The film portrayed several important discrepancies in voting standards, mainly those in Texas and Florida. The two states have different regulations in conduction the voting process, and counting votes, for example the ways in which “dimples and chads” should be counted. The movie highlighted several concepts that we learned in class, such as what group of people is more likely to vote for a certain party. Towards the beginning of the movie one of the republican
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