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Social Policy healthcare - Social Policy: Healthcare Julia...

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Social Policy: Healthcare Julia Akselrud Social Policy can be very controversial in the United States because while it is agreed that human welfare is of utmost importance, the measures that need to be taken to secure the maximum benefits cause disagreement. Issues such as healthcare and how it should be distributed result debates. The fact that there are many inequalities in healthcare between social classes cannot be ignored, and should therefore be addressed. In nations such as the United Kingdom people receive healthcare as a right. The healthcare policy in the United States has many faults, and it would be advantageous to pursue a policy in which healthcare inconsistencies are reduced or eradicated to make healthcare as universal as possible. There is a clear health difference between social classes; studies show that upper classes tend to be much healthier than lower classes, both mentally and physically. The main source of this problem lies not in hospital care but in primary care. Primary care refers to preventative medicine which includes screening, vaccinations, and health education. Hospitals in the United
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Social Policy healthcare - Social Policy: Healthcare Julia...

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