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bio in psych - Quasi experiments Like experiments but...

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Quasi experiments Like experiments but without random assignment Examples: Males vs females Depressed vs non depressed people Limits of experimental research Complex real world issues can not be easily studied in the lab Lab studies may have problems in external validity . That is the lab situation may not sufficiently reflect the real world For example: prejudice, memory recall Neurons: cells that transfer signals within the nervous system There are an estimated 100 billion neurons in the brain Three classes of neurons: Sensory: transmt input from sensory receptors to the brain Motor: transmit commands from the brain to the muscles and glands of the body Glia: support the neurons of the brain Provide insulation Remove waste products and foreign bodies Recent research suggests their role may be more complex than previously thought There are about 10 times as many glia s neurons A glial cell is only about 1/10 the size of a neuron Components of the neuron functions Dendrites: receive stimulation from other neurons Cell body: contails nucleus and other organelles Axon: transmits an electrical impulse away from the cell body to terminate … Myelin: insulate axon, composed of glia Synaptic events Neurotransmitters are chemicals The resting potential The neuron’s membrane separates electrical charges At rest the inside of the cell is about 70 millivolts relative to the outside To maintain this state, sodium ions are actively pumped out and potassium ions are actively pumped in across the membrane
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bio in psych - Quasi experiments Like experiments but...

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