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genetics project draft - GQ How does nature versus nurture...

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GQ: How does nature versus nurture affect an individual’s full genetic potential? Written Component Feral Children: Children that grow up in the wild, known as feral children, receive a unique cocktail of nature vs. nurture which is unlike that of normal children. Alexa and I will examine several studies of feral children, including the first documented study of a feral child during the early 1800’s of a boy named Victor. Also referred to as the “Wild Boy”, and although genetically Victor was clearly human, he exhibited traits that were more animalistic than human. The scientist who studied Victor, Jean Marc Gaspard Itard, believed that to be considered human, one must have two important abilities which separated humans from animals: language and empathy. Although Victor mastered empathy he was unable to learn language. Because Victor had lived for so long without human contact his brain never learned certain concepts, and as a consequence lost the ability to do so, and he was never able to grow to his full genetic potential. Isolated Children: To explore the impact that isolation from a young age has on an individual, Alexa and I will primarily be looking at the study of Genie. Genie was forced to live in almost complete isolation for thirteen years by her parents. In her case, the nurture element is
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genetics project draft - GQ How does nature versus nurture...

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