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genetics project writing - Julia Akselrud Alexa Pogrob Ms...

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Julia Akselrud, Alexa Pogrob Ms. Heavers Genetics pd. 1 For years scientists have been trying to understand how an individual is shaped by their nature, the genome, versus nurture, the environment that surrounds them. You know your spiral- textured hair comes from your mom, but what about your love for the outdoors? Is your fear of spiders in your genes or did you have a terrible spider experience during childhood that triggered the fear? The influence of the environment in your early childhood has a profound effect of who you become, and who you are able to be. In the cases of extreme neglect or isolation, the brain of the child shrinks, taking away with it the ability to develop as your genome intended. In the Ukraine in 1992, an 8-year-old girl named Oxana was found living with stray dogs. At age 2, she wandered away from her alcoholic parents and found comfort and warmth with the local dogs. When she was found at age 8, Oxana walked on all fours, panted with her tongue out, bared her teeth and barked. More importantly, she could not recognize herself in the mirror, which shows a lack of consciousness. Oxana was able to learn to speak in simple sentences, which is unusual for feral children. The reason is that during her critical learning period, up into age 2, she heard language from her parents. However at age 22 she scored the level of a 5 year old in cognitive tests. Probably the most famous case of isolation was uncovered in California in 1970. Police were notified about 13-year-old Genie who lived in her attic chained to a potty chair for her entire life. She lived in the home of her abusive father who would physically harm the child if she made any noise. As a 13-year-old teenager, she
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genetics project writing - Julia Akselrud Alexa Pogrob Ms...

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