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genetics research - Susan Curtiss tells us, Eric Lenneberg...

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Susan Curtiss tells us, “Eric Lenneberg published a book called The Biological Foundation of Language. In this book he proposed the hypothesis that human language is a species specific trait that has a critical period during which it developed and outside of this critical period normal human language would not develop”. Incredibly, the 14 year old seemed to be proving the theory wrong. Within a year of being found, she was blossoming. She delighted in the world outside her prison; she was hungry for the names of the new things she was seeing. Susan Curtiss, professor of linguistics, tempers this apparent success “She has learned a lot of words, she has an enormous vocabulary, but language is not words, language is grammar, language is sentences. So it wasn’t that she was mentally deficient, she was deficient in the mental faculty we call grammar”. Bruce Perry explains that left part of the cerebral cortex in Genie’s brain, which is responsible for speech and language has not received the stimulation required for normal development. This lack of development has left her speech centres irreparably damaged. Brain Scans The left hand scan shows the brain of a normal three year old with healthy neural development. The right hand scan shows dark patches where whole areas of the feral brain have shrunk from lack of stimulation. Starved of stimulation, Genie’s brain simply did not develop the capacity for language. Now that she is in her teens she will never be able to learn. “Dr Itard’s benchmarks for studying what makes us human were empathy and language.
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genetics research - Susan Curtiss tells us, Eric Lenneberg...

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