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Module 11.3 - Girls early gender nonconforming behaviors...

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Module 11.3 Sexual Motivation Nymphomaniac: someone who wants sex more than you do Prenatal hormones influence interests in activities in addition to external anatomy Most men become aware of being homosexual or heterosexual by early adolescence and later changes are rare Most homosexual men have a history of "gender-nonconforming" (feminine type) behaviors beginning at an early age Although bisexual behavior is moderately common among men very few men have strong sexual fantasies and excitement about both male and female partners Fair number of women develop a lesbian orientation in young adulthood without any previous indications
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Unformatted text preview: Girls early gender nonconforming behaviors are relatively poor predictors of sexual orientation in women Women more likely than men to experience some sexual attraction to both men and women Psychologists think bisexuality is a temporary transition b someone switching between homosexuality and heterosexual attraction However women bisexuality is stable over years Genetic influence (not genetic control) on homosexuality Few genes are more common in heterosexual than homosexual men...
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