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Module 11.4 - tomorrow Therefore if you imagine a vague...

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Module 11.4 Work Motivation Experiment: students got to choose their own deadlines or use the ones given The students in the section with assigned deadlines got better grades than those who were allowed to choose their own deadlines Those who got to chose their own deadlines and set them aprox. 1/3 2/3 and 3/3 did about the same as those with assigned deadlines and much better than those who set all their deadlines at the end Overcoming procrastination: To increase likelihood of an action of you state a definite plan of when , where, and how you will do it If you imagine something 10 years from now it is vaguer than if you imagine something
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Unformatted text preview: tomorrow Therefore if you imagine a vague abstraction you are likely to postpone it Mere measurement effect: simply estimating your probability of doing some desirable activity increases your probability of that action High and low goals Most effective goals re high but realistic Need for achievement: they feel good when they accomplish something that they weren't sure they could achieve Most Americans regard themselves as healthier than average, smarter than average, and better than average at almost everything Therefore...
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