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About Huntington’s Huntington’s disease is a hereditary and degenerative brain disorder which was discovered by Dr. Huntington in 1872. This disease eventually diminishes an individual’s motor, and cognitive, abilities, and affects behavior. It is as common as Hemophilia, Cystic Fibrosis and muscular dystrophy. Although the gene is inherited, onset is generally around 30-40 years of age; however, there is also early onset Huntington’s disease. In 1993 the HD gene was isolated and a genetic test was developed. One out of every 10,000 Americans has HD. The disease affects males and females, and all races and ethnicities equally. If a parent has Huntington’s disease, the child has a 50% chance of inheriting the gene for HD. If the gene is inherited then the individual will develop Huntington’s disease. About 200,000 Americans are “at-risk” of
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Unformatted text preview: developing the disease. Environmental Factors Individuals who exercise have shown to do better with the disease. However, once the gene for Huntingtons disease is inherited it will be expressed eventually, regardless of lifestyle or any other environmental factors. Treatments There is no cure for Huntingtons disease. Some treatments are available and are focused on reducing severity of treatment. Most cause side effects. The only FDA approved treatment is Tetrabenazine (Xenazine) which works to treat chorea associated with Huntingtons disease. Facilities Many support systems and facilities are available for those affected by Huntingtons disease. These include: Social workers Genetic Testing Centers Support groups Clinical Trials Huntingtons Disease Society of America
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