Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2 - Chapter 8.2 Midlatitude Cyclonic Systems I.a....

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Chapter 8.2 Midlatitude Cyclonic Systems I.a. Midlatitude Cyclone (or Wave Cyclone) : developed by conflict between contrasting air masses I.a.i. Migrating low-pressure center: converging, ascending air spirals inward counterclockwise in N. Hemisphere/ inward clockwise in S. Hemisphere I.a. Life Cycle of a Midlatitude Cyclone I.a.i. Cyclogenesis : atmospheric process in which low-pressure wave cyclones develop and strengthen I.a.i.1. Usually begins along polar front where cold and warm air masses converge and are drawn into conflict I.a.i. Open Stage I.a.i.1. When warm air begins to move northward along and east of the advancing front while cold air advances southward west of the center I.a.i.1. Growing circulation systems vents into upper-level winds I.a.i. Occluded Stage I.a.i.1. Colder (cP) air mass is denser than warmer (mT) air mass-- > cooler, more unified air mass acts like a bulldozer blade and moves faster than warm front I.a.i.2. Occluded Front : produced when cold front overtakes the cyclonic warm front by wedging beneath it/ Stationary Front : when there is a stalemate between cooler and warmer air masses where air flow on either side is almost parallel to the front, although in opposite directions I.a.i.1. Some gentle lifting might produce light to moderate precipitation I.a.i.1. Eventually, stationary front will begin to move as one of the air masses dominates to become a cold or warm front I.a.i. Dissolving Stage I.a.i.1. When lifting mechanism is complete cut off from the warm air mass, the source of its energy and moisture and remnants of cyclone dissipates in the atmosphere (usually happens after passage across the region) I.a.i. Storm Tracks : path that wave cyclones and their attendant air masses move along across continents; shifts in latitude with Sun and seasons
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Chapter 8.2 - Chapter 8.2 Midlatitude Cyclonic Systems I.a....

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