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NC State University ECE 546 Fall 2011 ECE Department VLSI Systems Design W. Rhett Davis Homework #1 Tutorials Work through the following tutorials if needed to learn how to use Cadence and HSPICE: Analog Artist with HSPICE Tutorial Tips See the HSPICE Tips on the course web-site for helpful hints on how to complete this homework set. Use the hand-analysis parameters posted on the course web-site (under “Homework”). Problems 1. Submit a Recent Photo of yourself using Wolfware. Please submit it in GIF or JPEG format and reduce the photo so that the file size is 10-50 KB. Name the file [UnityID] .gif or [UnityID] .jpg. 2. CMOS Inverter VTC a. Using HSPICE and CSCOPE, find the values V M , V OH , V OL , V IH , and V IL for a low-threshold (VTL) CMOS inverter with W=90nm and L=50nm. Assume V DD =1.0V. Include a plot of the VTC in your primary submission file and submit your SPICE input file using Wolfware (be sure to name the file hw1-2a.sp ). Be sure to use a .DC analysis, rather than a .TRAN analysis.
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