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hw2 - NC State University ECE Department ECE 546 VLSI...

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NC State University ECE 546 Fall 2011 ECE Department VLSI Systems Design W. Rhett Davis Homework #2 Tutorials Work through the Layout Tutorial #1 – Introduction to Layout and DRC (found on the “Tool Tips” section of the course web-page) to learn how to create layout with Cadence. Problems 1. Inverter Layout and Delay a. Following the tutorial, create the layout for a CMOS inverter with W n /L n = 90nm/50nm, W p /L p = 180nm/50nm. Turn in a print-out of your layout. b. Derive values for all parasitic capacitances using the hand-analysis parameters (on the course web-page) for both the low-high and high-low transitions. Assume V DD =1.0 V. c. Find t pLH and t pHL for this basic inverter. Assume that the inverter is loaded with an identical inverter. You may reference the values of R eqn and R eqp from HW#1. d. What is the maximum fan-out of identical inverters this gate can drive before its delay becomes larger than 50ps? e. Find t pLH and t pHL for this inverter using a transient simulation in HSPICE.
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