0 mathfloor 20 returns 20 mathfloor 21 returns 30

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Unformatted text preview: rns 2.0 Math.floor(2.0) returns 2.0 Math.floor(-2.0) returns –2.0 Math.floor(-2.1) returns -3.0 Math.rint(2.1) returns 2.0 Math.rint(2.0) returns 2.0 Math.rint(-2.0) returns –2.0 Math.rint(-2.1) returns -2.0 Math.rint(2.5) returns 2.0 Math.rint(-2.5) returns -2.0 Math.round(2.6f) returns 3 Math.round(2.0) returns 2 Math.round(-2.0f) returns -2 Math.round(-2.6) returns -3 min, max, and abs max(a, b)and min(a, b) Returns the maximum or minimum of two parameters. abs(a) Returns the absolute value of the parameter. random() Returns a random double value in the range [0.0, 1.0). Exam...
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