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Unformatted text preview: nd (int)'z' is (int)((int)'a' + Math.random() * ((int)'z' - (int)'a' + 1) Case Study: Generating Random Characters, cont. As discussed in Section 2.9.4, all numeric operators can be applied to the char operands. The char operand is cast into a number if the other operand is a number or a character. So, the preceding expression can be simplified as follows: 'a' + Math.random() * ('z' - 'a' + 1) So a random lowercase letter is (char)('a' + Math.random() * ('z' - 'a' + 1)) Case Study: Generating Random Characters, cont. To generalize the foregoing discussion, a random character between any two characters ch1 and ch2 with ch1 < ch2 can be gen...
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