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Communication 101, Spring 2012 Assignment 1 You are at a party. You mention that you are taking Communication 101 this semester. "Oh, Intro. to Talking," your friend replies. “Everyone knows how to communicate. Why bother taking the class? And what’s communication anyway?” Compose an answer to your friend. Your answer should address/include the following: (1) How does the textbook define communication? (see also Classes 2 & 3 for the textbook’s definition) (2) What, in your opinion, are the important components of the textbook’s definition of communication? Why? (choose at least two components) (3) According to class discussions, communication is a complex phenomenon. What makes it complex, and what does this complexity have to do with the importance of studying communication? (4) In your own words: Why is it important to study communication, then?
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Unformatted text preview: Your paper will get full credit if you address (1) – (4) above, and clearly use all three of the following resources: --your intuitions --the textbook --class discussions relevant to the assignment Use one page only . Your assignment may be single- or double-spaced. If you go over a page, your assignment will be docked 1 point of the total 5 possible points. Use proper citations (preferably APA) for your reference to the textbook and class materials. The assignment must be typed . Please put both your name AND your Eden Username on your assignment. Please deposit your assignment in your Drop Box on our class Sakai website ( by 6pm on Thursday 2/9/2012 AND hand in a paper copy of your assignment AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS on Thursday 2/9/2012. Sorry, but we cannot accept emailed assignments....
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