Soul Beliefs Oct Lecture

Soul Beliefs Oct Lecture - “Eliot” – a modern day...

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Soul Beliefs 20:01 Thinking and Feeling How we make up our minds Antonio Demasio writes “Feelings form the base for what humans have described for  millennia as the human soul or spirit.” Alan Alda Phinneas Gage, his personality changed after an injury, a metal rod went through the  front of his skull through the cheek, and landed 25 feet away.  The rod entered from the  bottom of the frontal lobe, and exited through the top of the frontal lobe.  Prior to his  accident, Gage was described as: “Having considerable energy of character”.  After the accident, he was described as  “fitful, irreverent, impatient, capricious, profane”.  He was also unable to anticipate and  plan for the future.  
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Unformatted text preview: “Eliot” – a modern day Phineas After his brain tumor was removed Elliot’s cognitive abilities remained unchanged, i.q. remained the same, good perceptual ability, good at math, language skills unimpaired, ability to imagine solutions to a host of problems. BUT he was unable to make decisions. Functions commonly attributed to the frontal lobes Planning Organizing Problem solving Decision making Controlling behavior and emotions And I suspect that the frontal lobes are critically involved in creating images of ourselves in the future and making decisions based on what we see and on what we feel when we see what we see. 20:01 20:01...
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Soul Beliefs Oct Lecture - “Eliot” – a modern day...

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