Birth order and its effects on our lives

Birth order and its effects on our lives - than the other...

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Birth order and its effects on our lives. What are some of the effects birth order may have on our relationships with others, our intelligience and attitudes. Older children are best known for their leadership, closeness with their parents. Middle children have become labeled as the problem child and the youngest child as the spoiled one. Is there really any correlation to our quest for paternal favor. How does birth order affect us as adults. Can birth order help determine our destiny? Does it influence who we choose as spouses? How does birth order affect our children and their psychological development? Alfred Adler workied in this field during the early twentieth century. Adler believed that children born first took the abnormal level of responsibility
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Unformatted text preview: than the other children. This overload could lead to psychological problems. He believed youngest children would lack any need to take responsibility for themselves or others and therefore would have issues related to this lacking. Birth order theories have developed over time and expand upon and alter these ideas. It is believed that being and older child they bear the role of protector and provider and are more responsible in their lives in general. They usually are labeled the "good" child and follow the rules. They set the examples for younger children. They are usually the leaders and possess great ambition. Middle children have a difficult time trying to figure out who they are and what their role is within the family....
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