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George Armitage Miller

George Armitage Miller - George Armitage Miller George...

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George Armitage Miller George Armitage Miller was born February 3rd, 1920, in Charleston West-Virginia. George grew up in Great Depression. His parents were divorced in 1927, and he and his mother resided in Charleston with her parents. He was raised a Christian Scientist so he rejected the text based on its anatomical drawings. He graduated high school in 1937, and then moved to Washington, D.C. He was at George Washington University when he became interested in Psychology after talking to a freshman enrolled there. His stepfather transferred in 1938 to Alabama, so Miller transferred to University of Alabama. 1939, he encountered Donald Ramsdell, the Professor of Psychology at the University of Alabama. Ramsdell was laid back and enjoyed lecturing from his home. Miller was not interested in psychology seminars; rather he was interested in Kurt Goldstein's "The Organism." His work at the University of Alabama was made worthwhile by his pursuit of Katherine James. Ramsdell took Miller under his wing by offering Miller a job after he had completed his Masters level coursework. This was Miller's first position as a psychology instructor. He was then married to Katherine James. In 1940 he received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama and in 1946 he received his P.H.D. in Psychology from Harvard University. In June of 1942, Miller went to Harvard. At Harvard, during and after World War II, he studied speech production and perception. In 1948 C. E. Shannon's mathematical theory of
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