Midnight Children

Midnight Children - Midnight's children India Independence...

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Midnight's children: India Independence Birth Throughout the book of Midnight's Children, Salman Rushdie writes a story of a Indian boy, Saleem Sinai, who was born on the stroke of Midnight at which the same time India gained its independence. For the duration of the book, Rushdie relates events in history to make problematic circumstances for the characters life's. The Night of August 15th 1947 was a major event in history and in the book because it sets the whole story up for how the main character, Saleem, lives his life. India's Independence day, celebrated august 15th to recognize its independence from British rule and its birth as an unrestricted country on that day back in 1947. On June 3rd 1947 the last British Governor-General of India announced the partition of the British Indian realm in India and Pakistan, under the assistance of the Indian Independence act. The Indian Independence Act was the law approved by the Parliament of the United Kingdom publicizing the Partition of India and the independence of the territories of Pakistan and India. The legislation was conducted by the government of Prime Minister Clement Attlee, while representatives from the India National Congress,(Muslim league and Sikh Community) came to an agreement on what is now called the Mountbatten Plan. Lord Mountbatten took over as Viceroy of India in 1947. On June 3rd 1947, Mountbatten
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Midnight Children - Midnight's children India Independence...

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